Fashion Outfits |The Red Roll Neck


When I was younger I hated polo necks. As the nerd that I was at 8 or 9 I was in the school orchestra playing the clarinet (a story for another time) and for a school play we had to dress up as extras from the cast of Star Trek.

Part of the conditions of this part was an outfit which included a polo neck. I held it together for a while but by the time we came to the performance, I freaked out.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever wanted to run from a piece of clothing as much as I did that day. See, I felt strangled, like a stuffed sausage and it was the one time I did not enjoy being on a stage. (Again with the shocking facts)

Ever since that experience I have kept a good distance from the roll neck. It wasn’t, in fact until 2015 that I began to see the attraction with high neck jumpers. They look chic (when done well) and warm and so it got me thinking, maybe I could try one again?

Thankfully, I didn’t break out in hives when I started looking in Autumn ’15 but I certainly took my time exploring different options. My lessons from the capsule mean that I certainly find settling on clothes harder. It is now a longer, more considered process and I like that new approach. I now rely on certainty and am more practical in creating a more curated wardrobe in the long run.

Therefore, this was obviously a well thought out item right?

I’m blushing right now, because it wasn’t. Granted, I saw it online two months before buying it but in reality, I saw it on the rack and walked it around the upper section of Sainsburys for while. Here I tested pairings with it among various skirts (and even put back a £7 skirt that looked like pudsy bears fur – something that I still regret not buying) before rushing it through self service, huzzah!

The problem I realise is I’m swayed by colour. If you gave me a rack of monochrome and this red polo, I’ll want the polo neck every time.

Circling back to what I have learnt this week and I know that I am colour swayed but on the same hand I’m also learning that I like the odd polo neck sweater. Mostly because I like wearing alternate shapes to what I’m used to and I’m looking for a way to introduce something exciting into my everyday.

Even when that means flashbacks of a less enjoyable time where clarinets were played or maybe, not played but as I said before, that’s a story for another day.
_DSC0411 _DSC0395

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