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“Just a little love hate between me and the jegging”

Jeggings. Love them, hate them they appear to be here to stay but unlike the tregging* I have a version I love and a version I absolutely hate.

This story started on Saturday when I gave myself a little time post haircut to wonder around New Look. Firstly my plan was just to look for red or pink flats for valentine’s day/our anniversary.

What actually happened was I tried on was a “cold shoulder” top in an orange/rust colour and a pair of khaki Jeggings.

Khaki jeggings - new look - fashion & style notes | jeggings

Now I had recently been thinking a lot about purchasing a pair of khaki trousers. A couple of favourite bloggers have them (please see Creation of Style) and I think they look really versatile. What I wasn’t planning on was them being jeggings. See I have a love hate relationship with jeggings.

In the photo above are the two pairs, both of which I own. The ones on the right I have had for a couple of years and on the left just over a year. The left hand pair I wear every casual Friday and the ones on the right? I try not to. Even look at them somedays.

I love the idea of the jegging. The good pair can be worn regularly without the restriction of jeans yet still looking like denim. The second pair however, is why I hate jeggings. They hurt; they cut me in half, so much pain, so not interested in wearing them.

Only its my thought that it all comes down to the band at the top. That button on your jeans gives you a little bit of give, it pulls the jeans differently and that’s where the key is. How the jean or in this case, jegging is created.

Trying on the pair in New Look I knew they couldn’t come home with me, even after being photographed for Instagram they had that evil band and I knew, it was a no go. Instead as it turns out I loved the look of khaki so much, that I bought the same pair in the Jeans version from the company online.

I am now waiting on their delivery but it’s made me realize if something hurts, its not worth it and jeggings like leggings are great but otherwise? I have no place and need for them.

What I of course want to know however is this, can you wear the traditional Jegging? Is it just me? Or is it really just a nice idea, but isn’t worth the stomach ache?

*I own two pairs of treggings. Both bought from Zara last year they were one of my greatest purchases for being smart whilst comfortable.

4 thoughts on “Fashion & Style notes | Jeggings

  1. Lauren Hooper says:

    Great rule! Never wear items that make you uncomfortable, especially in daily life! I literally had to Google “tregging”; I had no idea what that was. Turns out I’ve been wearing treggings for awhile! Banana Republic’s Sloan pant is the perfect skinny trouser. My navy pair became a little tight postpartum, and I’m thinking I should buy a new pair next fall. I don’t own any jeggings right now, but maybe one day when I need to replace a pair of skinny jeans.

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  2. Adventures of Thelma Louise says:

    I will admit, I have wanted a pair of leather pants for EVER, and found some “pleather” leggings, that are WAY more comfortable than real leather pants (and cooler) and I think they are amazing 🙂 Hehe


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