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Wherever we are in the world and in our life sometimes you need a little inspiration, some guidance and a whole lot of guilt free/ judgement free therapy. This week I’m sharing three inspirational and forward thinking ladies who have rocked my 2016 world so far and the lessons that I have loved to learn from them.

Man Repeller, Monocycle  mono

Image property of Man Repeller

The Man Repeller website is my natural go-to on most weekends and week days on the train. I love how they take fashion, make it amusing when it needs to be and share ideas and thoughts less spoken about in high fashion. Recently they have branched out into podcasts and YouTube interviews.

I’ll be honest; I started with an Alexa Chung interview after adoring Alexa’s British Vogue videos on The fashion industry & The Future of Fashion series but then I found that Leandra too had been interviewed. These podcasts however, are about real life and even Leandra’s fears, great to listen to when you are feeling adrift.

From her interview my ultimate favourite quote was this … “It was so easy to write for myself. I could publish what I want and nobody could . . . edit out all the funny jokes and curse words.” Never was a truer quote than this for why most of us headed into blogging!

Tweet: @ManRepeller, @LeandraMedine

10 rules for brilliant women

Image property of Tara Mohr

Tara I found via the ever incredible Jess Lively. These 10 rules are perfect for re-purposing yourself and centering your vision, great bite-sized nuggets to take action on.

“Let other women know they are brilliant.” Let them know what kind of brilliance you see, and why it’s so special. Call them into greater leadership and action. Let them know that they are ready. Watch out for that subtle, probably unconscious thought, “because I had to struggle and suffer on my way up…they should have to too.” Watch out for thinking this will “take” too much time — when the truth is it always has huge, often unexpected returns.

Tweet: @tarasophia

Be Brave, Harriet Minter


Image property of The Guardian

Harriet Minter is the Editor for The Guardians Women in Leadership section. From this section she delivers a weekly email to your inbox all about women and of course in leadership, there is an awful lot of inspiration here! If that interests you at all then I really would suggest signing up! This week she talked about having a support team and concluded with an idea which I have always believed in. People come in and out of our lives for a reason and when you’ve learnt what they needed you to they leave. It’s not a bad thing but instead, a life thing.

I have loved this email, to the extent that I even tweeted her and it was there that I found this video below with her speaking at a TEDx event on being brave and on finding a safe place to fail. Both of which are two things that have recently felt more prevalent to me, so take a watch she is incredibly funny as well!

Tweet @harrietminter

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