Fashion & The Capsule Wardrobe | Saving your money by shopping ahead

Saving your budget and shopping the sales

ASOS Orange Sandals+

Why spend your next capsule wardrobe budget on basics? Why not instead make your basics cheap and allow your statements to take centre stage.

Scan your mind back to around this time last year. Back then I shared that I had bought myself three pairs of shoes for (almost) pennies. For example, I bought my tan suede ankle boots for £8 ($11.40) rather than the £69.99 ($99.69) retail! In the end all three pairs became firm favourites this AW. It also allowed me to budget for other pieces that were to be on trend or which would lift my wardrobe overall in 2015/2016.

This year I have once again approached the next season early. This time however, rather than buying AW* in Spring I am buying some spring pieces in winter. Almost all of these purchases are from the Gap sale (which I love) but I believe that these will and have already started setting the tone for SS16.

Summer Dresses Gap Sale

The Basic Dresses

I am a huge lover of dresses come the warmer months. They are simple to put on and keep you effortlessly cool. Especially when you can’t wear shorts! These two summer dresses cost roughly, £7.99 each with a 20% in store discount on top. They are simple made of a good fabric and lighten my wardrobe in a cool grey and peppy orange. Gap is also my favourite place for dresses and dresses that last with minimal stress.

Leggings Snood Gloves Gap Sale and Marks and Spencers

The casual at home leggings, Snood and Gloves

Lets be honest spring in the UK is not all that warm and fabulous. Instead be prepared for cold snaps aplenty! These gloves only cost £3.99 + 20% discount so even if they get pulled over to next year that’s at least saved me some of next years budget!

Grey leggings meanwhile feel a little controversial. Black leggings are at least uber flattering but grey? Its touch and go. Regardless I love the idea of lifting my colour scheme as we approach the warmer months. I would pair these with long T shirts (maybe in white?) and I have already warn these with the softest grey sweater (also with Gap) for Sundays chilling at home.

Finally the snood? Can I say no to warm things for snuggling? Never. This was a sweet, unexpected gift from Joshey at Christmas and it’s the warmest thing I own. Honestly.


The Kimono come Jacket

Zara’s sale is the ultimate time for bargain hunters. Rather than focus on basics here I always wait it out to the end and focus on statements. In this case this highly patterned green kimono was in my shopping basket at a snap. £12.99 from £45.99 I’m looking forward to cooler Spring and Summer days to throw this over grey tees with Jeans and with thin grey sweaters and black leggings on the weekend.


The full price Orange sandals from ASOS

I admit these were not bought in the sale. However at only £16.99 It feels more like I stole these than purchased them! Orange is playing a big part in my SS thoughts for this year. With my hair now its natural brown I have been focusing more heavily on colours which suit my natural colouring and so warm tones like these I plan on letting play an integral part to my wardrobe designing. More on that to come in another post however!

What is your verdict however? Do you think you could save money by buying a season(s) ahead? Or are you more happy buying at full price within season? Link your articles on your capsule budgeting and sales thoughts below I’d love to read your thoughts.

*I have picked up a new pair of boots on sale in George @ Asda however which will probably get more wear next year than this but for £10 with great, grippy soles, small heel and faux fur I couldn’t say no.

(Lets also send major thanks to the blogging gods who have also allowed me to share these photos. I am the crazy girl who accidently put her memory card into her CD drive the day before writing this! Thank heavens for Josh also.)

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