Fashion | Everything in Black & the Boxy Jacket


(Major Smize, I’ve been feeling the moody clothing vibe. Also these jeans are rolled twice! Serious long lengths from the New look tall section!)


Big busted and wearing a boxy jacket? It should probably be a fashion crime but then again maybe thats why I like it so much.

In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a couple of SS16 posts and they have all been very much focused on mixing it up and being braver with clothes. Now wearing black is rarely a brave statement, if anything it is a fall back but an unflattering shape & a neck tie? Its just safe enough and just exciting enough to work, although I think it looks better in person.

The scarf is Zara, The jacket Asda, The sweater Tesco, Jeans and boots New Look which is also nice as I so rarely mix stores so well! (I am a little bit of a Zara addict right now!).

_DSC0397 _DSC0395

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