Fashion experiment | Marie Kondo’s shirts and sweaters storage


Fashion experiment | Marie Kondo’s shirts and sweaters storage 

Marie Kondo’s book blew up last year and one of the things that I loved was her storage solutions. As I get dressed daily in the relative dark (thank you crazy early hour waking times) my wardrobe and by extension my bedroom is often a crazy mess of confused clothing come Friday morning.

However during the winter break we have done a lot to our house. One of which was reintroducing a drawer system to both of our wardrobes rather than shelves. With this in mind I wanted to find a way to keep my drawers organized even at six in the morning.

Here is my sweater drawer at the beginning of the week so you can see how it looked before. The method is uber easy and if you’ve ever worked in retail you’ll be a pro at the folding! Find the video of Marie herself showing you how to fold your drawer successfully here and now comes the more interesting part, will it last?

Will this be a good solution for other, long distance commuters? Only time will tell! Give me a month and I’ll probably give you a mess but lets see! For the last week at home its been perfect but lets see how this works out!

3 thoughts on “Fashion experiment | Marie Kondo’s shirts and sweaters storage

  1. 5feetofstyle says:

    I’ve Kondo’d my underwear drawer and t-shirt drawer but for some reason the sweater drawer just ends up being a mess. I may end up hanging them all up, which I know isn’t good for them but seems to be neater that way. I’m keen to see how you go! x


  2. Selina says:

    I’ve been watching minimal wardrobe YouTube videos all day, this seems to be a timely topic. I did a tidy of my tops at least which narrowed down some to be given to friends so I suppose this tidying thing worked on me for a day


  3. Lauren Hooper says:

    I’m hoping this works well for you because it has been a fantastic solution for me! I’ve been folding mine and my husband’s shorts and t-shirts like this for over 2 years, but I didn’t translate the practice to everything else in our dresser until I finished Kondo’s book. So far it’s worked perfectly for everything except my undies and winter wear accessories. Keeping a half row of itty bitty thongs folded in place was not successful. Those are just tossed in a small IKEA drawer cube, instead. But it’s so much quicker to put away, select an item, and keep everything organized this way!


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