Fashion | Back to work, not back to boring


Kimono & Dress, Zara Sale, In Store, Boots: New Look SS15, Bag: Monsoon AW14/15, skinny scarf used as sash: Zara AW2015

Fashion | 

Many of you I know will already be back at work but for the lucky few this is our first work day of 2016.

Now just like you make resolutions to lose weight, work out more, be more positive . . . whatever it is have you thought about your dressing/clothing resolutions?

I have.

Wear more colour, be more experimental, choose more patterns, no more buying blue . . . the list goes on but for the first day back. Don’t be expected, put the black pencil skirt down and be a tiny bit brave (even if you are still wearing black and grey – umm colour fairy? Where are you?)

_DSC0422 _DSC0406

6 thoughts on “Fashion | Back to work, not back to boring

    • therealjlow says:

      Last night before I fell asleep on the sofa, opps . . . I was gonna reply, so going too! but I woke up, (in the dark) and pulled on rust and grey . . . apparently colour is harder to wear than I thought! But I am completely on the look out for colour from now on! Just a shame all the stores are so monochromatic!

      thanks for your comment!

      jess xx


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