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Holy heavens guys! 2015! What a year! I wrote a quick insta, but heres the thing, a lot of emphasis is put on the fact that what you’re doing when the clock strikes 12 is uber important the next year.

Reality is . . . it means so little. Our lives don’t happen because we got kissed or spent the time alone in our bedrooms, our lives come from us, from our actions and most importantly the decisions that we make every second of the day.

This time last year Josh was getting over food poisoning, and I was so busy spending my time cleaning the flat from top to bottom that by 12am? We were depleted, exhausted, certainly not out celebrating! So what did that mean for our year? Was it doomed? No, in fact this year we flourished!

Personally I flourished on a personal development level, in my work, my direction and in my home life. This time last year we didn’t have a wedding date or anything of that sorted but now we have a date, a venue, a photographer, food, entertainment and we have our own house! One we bought!

We have been through so much this year both huge highs and honestly huge lows! We spent six months feeling run into the ground and its only really been the last month that we have felt like the tunnel was clearing that the light was here, it was upon us! Today we took a walk, we took blog photos and silly photos and talked about the new year, about wanting a rescue dog just normal chill happy things! and honestly we have come full circle we’ve gone through a lot but nothing that happened at the strike of midnight meant a damn thing.

Make 2016 a year of change for yourself. Don’t put your fears and issues on anything/anyone else, take the bull by the horns, make the life you want! Only you have the power to be happy and have everything you want so go get it girl! The time is now!

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