Christmas Shopping | #oneforyouoneforme

srkle copy

Longline Sparkle Cardi, Faux fur wrap, Shimmer top, Sequin shoes

I hate to say that shopping can be problematic because honestly its one of my favourite hobbies. However when shopping for Christmas with family and friends over the age of about eight it gets a lot harder. Gone are the days of buying the latest toy obsession for my cousins or there being something you really wanted but couldn’t afford. Instead we all buy what we want, when we want it making it all around harder come Christmas time. Whats a girl to do?

Look at the pretty things of course!

The first problem will be this, will they love it? Whilst the second, will they wear it? I actually found that most of these items could work for any number of women in my family, the key was to find something beautiful or sparkly mixed in with what we need, so for my mum and nanna they like something to keep them warm so mix sparkle with a cardi and that is a keeper! Pair a handy faux fur stole with it and voila! A seasonally appropriate winter outfit + a must needed boost of warmth! Then obviously glittery shoes (perfect for my sister in law (Boo) or even a great friend) a mildly shimmery top with cut sleeves all paired with jeans makes an easy look, festive.

fuxfur copy

Faux Fur Gilet

Oh, faux fur. Come to me.

I knew exactly what I was looking for this winter and it looked a lot like a faux fur gilet. I have considered them for the longest time, but now is when to take the plunge! This makes me want to mix fabrics, adding leather makes it tougher, sheer tops or silk add glamour whilst pulled over another jacket mixes practical with fun.

2nd copyBlanket Scarf, Chevron Stitch Poncho, Suede Skirt, Shimmer Box T,  Faux fur trim gloves

Eventually it might get cold in the UK and when it does, we want to be ready. The suede skirt is 100% my mum, she adores suede, in fact if she could have an outfit made of suede then I think she would! For me I also love the brand, Taller Than Your Averages collaboration with Long Tall Sally’s (TTYA London) suede dress which looks phenomenal.

trjl sli

You should never underestimate the power of a good pair of slippers. When it comes to christmas I am all about stocking up with a nice warm pair to keep my toes toasty when it gets icy.

These are just a few of the items I love from Long Tall Sally this season, check out their site for more ideas and follow the hashtag #oneforyouoneforme to see other bloggers favourites and recommendations!

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