The Capsule Wardrobe | For the love of Chambray

How I’m wearing classic chambray.

A chambray shirt has been a mainstay in my wardrobe since 2012. For the last three years I have had two chambrays, one for winter and one for summer and although I’m not sticking resolutely to the capsule wardrobe I am trying to be careful with my purchases. However a dark chambray shirt? It had to be done.

Something I struggled with moving out of the first year of having a capsule is this, how can I add dimension to my select wardrobe without going overboard? How can I keep my new style identity all whilst continuing to make dressing easy? Seems like a pretty big feat right?

It has felt like somewhat of a difficult line to walk with the capsule. Keeping it fresh whilst keeping the key basics that work effortlessly is an interesting balance. So I did stop for a couple of seconds when it came to purchasing this dark chambray shirt.

Is it a poor purchase considering I already own a well loved chambray or was it genius to invest in a piece I love and repeatedly wear just in a different colour? I decided in the end that yes a dark chambray would be a worthy investment; after all I’ve worn my other one almost to death here on the blog, so why wouldn’t I wear a second?

So far I have kept the look casual. I wore this out for a quick walk with Josh this past weekend. There’s nothing that I love more than a casual walk with Joshey on the weekend so adding my trusty new chambray and a feather down puffa and you have the perfect casual weekend look.

To check out my other favourite ways to wear chambray just click on your favourite look to take you to the blog post!

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