The Capsule Wardrobe| Sometimes A girl just needs them: Good Jeans.

A good pair of jeans are like a hug from your favourite person in the world. They hug you perfectly (no lumps and bumps) and don’t judge you when you ate your weight in chocolate at the weekend. Those my friends are the dream jeans.

The bad news? They are often impossible to find.

Lucky for you guys I had a break through.

Last year, the Zara jean ruled supreme. The downside? For apple shapes like myself they are cut in such a way that they do have a tendency to pull in sharply at the waist band. If you are a pear shape however these might be ideal!

My best friend, Becky has long raved about New Looks, Disco Jean. Unavailable (or un marked in stores) This jean she has told me is her favourite. Whether its traditional blue or timeless black she loves this jean.

So when I was looking to upgrade my denim game this Autumn/Winter I knew really I needed to try these jeans, after all for £20 can you go wrong? However I stopped, I was afraid of a high waist.

Having grown up in the 00’s as a teen all I have ever really worn is low rise to a low mid rise and honestly I feel it suits me. Maybe not with my body shape perhaps (a good mid rise looks perfect) But to avoid stomachache? I can’t do high waist. With that being said however, one lunch time I went to New Look.

Another Zara must have. I really wanted classic black denim and last year these ticked all the boxes. Having re found New Look however it is my plan to replace these this year. I hate to but these were pretty snug and I’d rather not base all my decisions over whether I have lived off salad or not! I’m just not one of those girls.

What I picked up shockingly was a pair with a high waist. It wasn’t on purpose but it seems that this year this is the overwhelming trend for denim! So pulling these on I instantly knew, these were the dream.

I love jeans with stretch, I don’t understand them without it and these my friends have stretch, maybe some may say, too much. They are those lovely jeans which need washing every, two/three wears. But that means you have the perfect breathing room which every girl needs in her life!

This pair in particular remind me of 2004. They have the nineties scuffing to them, but did it stop me after all my talk of feeling outdated? Never. They are just too comfortable to care!!!

I think we all need to be prepared to see these all the time!! My next investment though, are these black ripped jeans for those darker days!

So if you feel like your body shape matches mine this is what is in these jeans so if you don’t have a New Look this is what you should look out for! 98% Cotton mixed with 2% Elastane. I have also bought these in my regular size (no going up or down) and have stuck with a 32 leg as I feel with super skinny you don’t need them to reach the ground!

So I am in love. Quite frankly I have been wearing these non stop! I still love Zara, but you have to be pretty skinny for theres so if you don’t feel like that, New Look really has the perfect formulae! and I am very excited to continue trying out their different styles!

5 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe| Sometimes A girl just needs them: Good Jeans.

    • therealjlow says:

      I really wish I had an answer!! They drive me crazy! but now I have re-found new look I can’t help but be like must buy all the colours! haha

      I think the problem is always style however. We’re not all the same size and sometimes I think its that case of feeling like that because something in style it should just fit us just because perhaps? 🙂

      Thanks! its actually a mens sweatshirt which I cut up the middle and stitched into a cardi! haha

      jess xx

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