Personal Style | Running from being outdated.

A cowl neck for warmth. High waisted denims for the tummy sucking in potential. And cow girl boots because . . .whimsy.

Something which keeps reoccurring recently is feeling outdated.

A cowl neck jumper layered over a long sleeved tee with jeans? Too 2000’s. Most Jean outfits feel like I’ve reverted back to my teendom. I’m also beginning to feel like a walking advert for Maidstone fashion and that, I’ll be honest. Greatly upsets me*

I never thought I would become someone who is a slave for fashion, and I hope I will never be but I also worry. Will become stale and start wearing old trends in a predictable way. And I think that’s become the problem, everything feels a little stale and no one wants to dress like their teen selves forever! It was cool for a second but I don’t want to be that girl now! I want to be someone new, someone chic, composed . . . Slick.

“Why be the same, when you can be someone better?”

It’s actually one of the things that put me off of the capsule wardrobe this season. Who wants to stay the same when you can progress? I feel like part of this is tied into the direction my life has taken. After all I’m no longer a teenager, a child, a student . . . We have a house, a mortgage, a car currently with its engine light flashing. I’m preparing sloe gin with my husband to be for Petes sake! And now I want my clothes, and my look to reflect that too – so what’s a girl to do now?

It seems like an endless question. Like during the end of university when every question started with, “what do you want to do . . . “ and you’d stare at them blankly. Hope I land on my feet? And so with the idea of free falling I have started picking up the odd thing (living life, capsule free) but only those which are entirely different or have no resemblance to earlier me’s.

The difficulty of course comes with another question how to wear them. For instance I have never, ever been a fan of roll necks. As a kid I wore one once and only because I was in the Orchestra section of the schools peculiar space themed play. Where we (The Orchestra) had to be dressed like extras from Star Trek.  I try not to think about that stage too deeply.

Regardless it has never been me and yet a cowl neck, something resembling both a scarf and a jumper has been calling to me in recent months and so of course, had to be chosen, along with a pair of high waisted jeans (trying to get over the stomach ache of wearing them however . . . ouch) and lastly of course leather leggings.

I feel like I’m buying in a progressive manner and yet . . . the moment you pull a short sleeved cowl neck jumper on over a pair of jeans and I feel like I’ve killed all sense of style. However I’m hoping that maybe with a few strategic changes I won’t find myself outdated or maybe I will but as long as it’s on my own terms, I think that might just be alright.

*Maidstone. Its certainly not a fashion capital.

2 thoughts on “Personal Style | Running from being outdated.

    • therealjlow says:

      Here’s hoping! I think my worry always is . . . What if the high street recycles so much that you have no where to go you know? Style – it’s always fun! Haha 🙂 thank you for popping by!!! Xx


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