My AW Make up Shake up

My A/W Make up shake up.

If you know me you’ll know one of the things I don’t have to worry about being minimal with, is my make up. I do sometimes wonder whether most are either clothes girls or make up girls since most I know have either loads of clothes or loads of make up and I am definitely a clothes girl.

With that being said I have my set favourites but this AW I wanted to mix it up a little with a little more colour, and more high end products.

Now as you know I don’t have an unlimited budget so the majority of my products and clothes are cheaper rather than expensive however as I have gotten older I have begun spending more on my make up. My reason for this is I’m not buying huge quantities of product and beyond my must haves (foundation + Mascara) if I can’t afford it I don’t buy it. This next October (2016) is a big month for me and Josh as it will be the month that we get married. Because of this I made the decision that rather than having a make up artist for the day I wanted to spend the money on nicer make up and do it myself. Many women may bulk at this idea but for me I do my make up everyday and I’m happy with how I do it. It stays all day and so why shouldn’t I do my own?

So for the next year I am looking into which products take my look from good to perfect. This next week I am trialling the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation instead of my L’Oreal to see whether this is going to really propel the days make up. Along with this I also indulged in my desire for a beautiful berry lip.

Last year I attempted this look with one by Estee Lauder and although I love my Mascara by the brand I found the lipstick to be drying and lacking whereas my pur couture lip colour has always felt so moisturising and indulgent. So because of this I went back to my mainstay picking up this Rouge pur couture matt lipstick in 206.

I’m not a big lets have a pampering fan but it was actually really enjoyable early on a Saturday to have the lovely lady on the stand re do my lipstick and share some of her recommendations from Yves.

So what did I buy? Well I of course bought this beautiful lipstick shade! But I also got Touche Eclat. I have wanted to try this forever and it has been on my make up list for equally as long. What I really adore about spending that little bit more is a, how long make up lasts when you spend a bit more money on it and B, that it feels so light on the skin, it lacks that cakeyness whilst giving perfect coverage and that my friends, is definitely the dream.

Wedding make up is tricky. When I want to feel made up its simple. A red lip, a cat eye . . . it all falls together but wedding make up? It’s more delicate, its pretty it does just enough to make you look good without losing you and that’s something that I am trying to achieve all by myself. How far do I want my look to go, the whole princess hog or keep it simple? The majority of our wedding has been simple so far so trying out these lighter make up looks seems like just the ticket! Now all I need is the perfect lipstick shade to be pretty and fresh without being too unnatural.

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