Why is fall fashion so timeless and exciting?

The Skinny Jean: Gap, The Flare: River Island, The Plaid Shirt: Gap, The Leatherette Leggings: Next, The faux Fur Gilet: River Island

Why is fall fashion so timeless and exciting?

Every fashion blogger on the northern hemisphere is currently fan girling about fall, and why wouldn’t they be? It’s our favourite season. However, why is it our favourite season? What is it about layers and plaid that gets us all in such a tiz?

I think fall has something to do with the weather change. You’ve had spring and summer and more than likely a pale coloured wardrobe of simpler clothes and fall offers something very different. Rich, warm colours, interesting layers and the options to add thicker and more tactile fabrics to your wardrobe.

In previous years I have had similar fall wants, a plaid shirt, a great pair of skinny jeans some faux fur . . . the list has been really similar for many years and it wasn’t actually until I undertook the capsule wardrobe that I realized the reason its been the same each year? Is because temporary, fashion pieces meant that I bought these over the fall basics that most of us want for this time of year. So what are these pieces? Outlined above are some of the pieces I always wanted and never bought, the fall fashion essentials.

4 thoughts on “Why is fall fashion so timeless and exciting?

  1. thatweirdoakvile says:

    I personally don’t like fall or that “sweater weather” because here in Lithuania we wear sweaters almost all year round hahah and the autumns are rainy, windy… so I’d really like to see how fall is where you live^^


  2. matchamilady says:

    I like Autumn and Spring fashion best because I get to wear all of my favourite things in both and can customise it with a heavier/lighter coat or jacket and heavier/lighter tights. I dress pretty much the same all year round and only need to make my outfit warmer or cooler with the thickness of these 2 items. I also wear whatever colours I want and never reserve a colour scheme for a season, I don’t see the point

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