Fall Fashion | A walk in the Park

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Next (2013), Dress: Dorothy Perkins Sale (2015), bag: Next, Boots: Long Tall Sally

Quite possibly one of the few brown based outfits that I have for fall 2015 my fall fashion so far has taken a rather edgy and monochrome appearance. Of course as the leaves begin to turn and the conkers start to drop I couldn’t resist a moment of traditional indulgence.

Not my normal look for a walk but hey ho I really wanted to share more of my work looks with you all this fall. I grabbed this dress during the summer sales since I knew its neutral colouring would be a keeper. I have been really digging more muted tones this season and this works excellently alongside last years winter palette whilst being easily jazzed up with belt and jewellery.

What are our first thoughts for fall 2015? I am unnaturally drawn to the edgy side of the spectrum whilst also having moments of, I want to wear plaid! Whats making it into your AW capsules?

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion | A walk in the Park

    • therealjlow says:

      Thanks Lauren! I’ve never been a particularly edgy dresser (well maybe in my late teens – but does that ever count?) autumn would always end up being cozy sweaters jeans and plaid but so far I haven’t felt even a little bit drawn by that which is so unlike me! Thanks the colours are even brighter in real life – for some reason the light on this day makes me look half dead! Haha xx


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