Lessons in renovations | Never question another woman’s bedroom spice racks.

My bedside table currently

Lamp: Asda George Home, Various semi precious stones from holidays over the years, Marc Jacobs Splash! in Cranberry (discontinued), Place mat: Anthropologie (which no longer appear online), Bedside: Ikea

As we were moving and had several days minus furniture we were busy stripping the house back and painting. During this time there were several funny (and not so funny things) that happened to us which I had emailed to family members and friends. Because they had gone down a treat with them I figured it was only fair to share them again here, with you guys.

My short list of what we learnt whilst moving.

– Never question another women’s bedroom spice racks

– or the dog hair in her oven. ever.

– a steam cleaner is your best friend

– ripping up a carpet can make you £1 and 1 Shilling richer

– Its easy to fall in holes, even in your bedroom.

– Any excuse to pull up a carpet and I’ll find it.

– B&Q trips rarely cost less than a £100

– You’ll fix a toilet, find a leak and get confused by light switches all in a few hours

– & speaking of light switches we have two in our hall. One turns on the hall light, one the landing and the first one can also switch of the living room lights, and the second can turn the living room lights back on, but don’t ask us how to make what you want happen because we haven’t worked out the secret.

– If Josh decides to get a saw/screwdriver or another implement to help get something unstuck he’ll more than likely come back to find I’ve already yanked it out mercilessly and without finesse.

– I will also clean anything twice if it stands still long enough. Sorry Josh.

– we hadn’t planned to change the flooring in the kitchen but I picked up floor tiles so . .

– velvet, velvet everywhere . . .

– and finally don’t be too jealous when I tell you, we have a seat in our shower, and doors like a barn to get in. We’re living the life I tell you, the life . . . if the life also has iron burns in the carpet and enough patterns in the kitchen to find yourself questioning, did I take a wrong turn and walk into a yellow, kaleidoscope?

Stay tuned folks, this can only get better.

7 thoughts on “Lessons in renovations | Never question another woman’s bedroom spice racks.

  1. Laura says:

    When we finally renovated our bathroom which was a neon pink, we found a live pug point in the shower we had been using everyday. It was just covered with a tile, not disconnected or even an attempt to water proof it.

    The reason why we renovated (besides the ugly pinkness) was that the shower wasn’t water proof and it caused the paint in the next room to peel off.Yikes!

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    • therealjlow says:

      Yowzr!! I feel like that was part horror story! A neon pink in a bathroom should never be uttered but a live plug point and damp walls! The worst I hope it all went smoothly after that! When you look back on these thugs though it’s always my favourite stories because it’s discovering the house underneath! In a couple of weeks though I have my own house horror to share on here and let’s just say peanut butter can be a killer! Haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • therealjlow says:

      It really does! What I’ve really loves though is how every strange layer you pull back reveals more and more of ‘your’ house underneath for example what I’ll share at a later date is our gorgeous wooden floors in the bedroom which where hidden under the most stained and gross pink carpet in the world! Haha and so many people would have over looked this house just because of that which is insane! 🙂 thank you! Xx

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