Why you shouldn’t pay someone to learn about having a Capsule Wardrobe

As often happens with popular concepts some bright spark comes up with a way to make money from it. Now I am not saying that they are not smart or clever because clearly if you can cash in, why not? However there are so many resources out there in the capsule wardrobe world that it really isn’t necessary for you to pay for the capsule wardrobe information you need! I know I have spoken about these three blogs below but I have just seen so many fee charging capsule projects coming out of the woodwork that I just wanted to re provide those links to show those offering out their knowledge for free! After all we are looking for money saving not spending!

So here are three of some of the resources I love to use on the regular;


Into Mind

This is my number one go to from anything essay and clothes wise. Writer, Anuschka writes the most in depth and thought provoking articles on personal style that I have seen so far in the blogging world. Not only focused on what we now see as a traditional Capsule Wardrobe Anuschka appears to be looking to give you a full clothing experience from planning, organising and buying to developing a signature, personal style which is as timeless as you are.

Perfect for when you are trying to develop an individual style and be more conscientious with your purchases”



Project 333

One of the original blogs for the Capsule wardrobe, this entirely original concept has allowed women all over the world find and interact within a community of like-minded ladies trying to keep their small wardrobes in check and keep themselves out of the shops. This project focuses a lot more on

“Start your day with peace by creating a calm atmosphere in your closet. Fewer choices = less chaos = peace.” Courtney Carver, Be more with less.

Great for those trying to live a minimalist and intentional life, all the time.”




Although Caroline is potentially on a permanent break her blog will honestly stand the test of time for capsule wardrobe creators. What you’ll find from Caroline is at least four solid Seasonal Capsules beginning in Spring and ending in Spring the following year. Caroline’s blog keeps simplicity as its core and without fussy backgrounds Caroline is a great starting place for anyone’s first year of living with a capsule as she shows you how classic basics in simplistic colours can easily pull your wardrobe together and keep it together once you re introduce colours and patterns back into the mix.

“Caroline is great for anyone who doesn’t want to give up shopping completely but who wants to better balance clothing with the rest of their life”


I would also like to add that the images bar the top one are property of into mind, project 333 & unfancy. 

2 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t pay someone to learn about having a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Beth Berger says:

    I’ve explored the Project 333 website but haven’t checked out the other two. Thanks for sharing! And of course, I’ve learned a lot about capsule dressing from YOUR website…so thanks for sharing such great free content, as well!


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