Summer Fall transitional.

Wrap Jumper: Zara (£7 in the sale!), Dress: H&M £7.99!, Shoes from New Look 2011 (I think again sale for probably £8.

Summer Autumn transitional.

One thing I really wanted to work on when it comes to my wardrobe is how to transition my clothes from one season to the next.

Even after a year of capsule it trips me up time and time again and so to find great pieces that bridge those gaps is the dream.

The jumper coat

This was one of the pieces that I bought and didn’t expect to. I had fallen in love with a number at Long Tall Sally but having found this at Zara for a mighty, £7 I knew I had to take the plunge. Here I have teamed this up with a dress for spring (another shrinker!) and using this jumper as a coat means I can keep wearing my spring summer favorites with warmer pieces.

Autumn (fall) not unlike Spring is difficult when you wear too many layers, the weather is changeable and sometimes planning ahead is hard. While I have been considering another capsule wardrobe its one of the main things I have been thinking about, how do you mix a wardrobe perfectly for potentially two entirely different seasons, do you guys have a tip for those difficult capsules? Leave them below!

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