AW15 Topshop!

Bag+ Dungarees+ Top+ Skirt+ Trousers+ Lofas+

You know what I love most about Topshop? Most of their items come in all three heights! There’s none of this oh, shorter ladies want only florals or tall girls only want black they equally distribute the love and for that I will be forever grateful!

Surprisingly I haven’t included a lot of patterns but I have been determined to seek out some separate colours. With my years capsule behind me I am still looking to flesh out my basics and even out my colours and so I of course fell headfirst in love with the rich forest greens and oranges for this fall.

Even better is I believe that all the items above will make an excellent capsule wardrobe on their own! you can certainly wear that top with all the bottoms, the shoes go with everything and let me tell you dungarees? I want. I want. I want.

I am being really strict on my purchases this fall and from my research I know that I am looking at staples that also make a style statement such as the 70’s denim skirt, a pair of swish lofas and of course dungarees. I love Topshop for these looks particularly, they really focus on trend led styles and thats something that I feel I have room for this time around, especially since parts of this season feel so classic . . .

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