Blogging behind the scenes | The outfit you forgot.

Hat: Gap, Spring 2015, Top: H&M 2012, Tunic: Long Tall Sally SS collection 2015, Heels: Clarks: 2015

Sometimes something unbelievable happens and you forget to blog an outfit, an amazing outfit an outfit you love and were really pleased with and somehow it sits on your computer completely wasted for weeks until you realise, wait a minute . . . its not here? Why isn’t it here? Oh that’s right . . . I never blogged it.

This outfit was one of those lucky hits and I have to say I have worn it multiple times since! We had actually gone to the beach this day (not that I wore my heels this day) but of course in true English fashion it was cold and it rained so yes we did end up on the beach (in rain macks) eating fish and chips and fending off the sea gulls! I also inadvertently realised too late that I had actually been both a wind and rain shield for josh and had a soaked side. nice.

But before then . . . oh yes, I had been rocking this and praying for sun! This tunic btw is from tall brand, Long Tall Sally and for those tall girls out there I am only 5 foot 11 so you might find this too short to be worn as a dress!

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