SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | Dresses and shirts.

Blue top: Forever 21, Striped Dress: Lidl, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Clarks

I love this dress, I hate this dress, which one I feel more? I couldn’t tell you. Saying that it seems like I have a serious love hate issues with my clothes at this point but I promise its just because I appear to have put clothes in my capsule which work great for winter because you can cover your arms or a certain part of you and that just doesn’t work when in actual fact it is boiling outside!

So this dress in particular doesn’t work so well with my arms at present. Since I hurt my foot I haven’t been able to go running and its beginning to show. Running for me really helped with two things bloating/water weight and toning and without it I am still at a bit of a loss so hiding my arms at the moment has become a big thing! My apologies that this week has become a week of honesty and clothing complaints but myself and Josh have got something big coming up which will hopefully all go to plan and honestly putting clothes on has become a really complicated thing because all I want to do is talk about the thing and not think about anything but the thing, but seriously soon I will tell everyone and it will be great. For me anyway for you guys you might be sick of it very quickly but the reason I am dropping this in is one of my favourite blogger friends Kylie is hopefully coming back to the blogging scene with a whole new outlook on blogging and a new direction and I honestly think that I too am going to take the plunge and switch up therealjlow as well!

Now I won’t be ignoring the capsule or clothes because thats always going to be my main love but I do intend to add in a few new sections, pretty much I want to make this blog more of a lifestyle blog. My new tag line will be this, “The Lifestyle you want on the Budget you’ve got” so if that sounds like something you’d like I would love to hear from you! Sections I’ve been interested in including is, Fashion, Capsule Wardrobes, Minimalism, Blogger spotlights, homewear, DIY and topics that just applies to the modern woman really. Also I really want to share more bloggers who I love and think you guys you will love also! Its all very much pipeline stuff but I’m hoping to start mixing everything up uber soon so fingers crossed this will be a really good thing for the blog, feel free to comment below and if you are a blogger get in touch and lets see how we can collab!!

For my normal readers I promise next week, no complaining and lots of capsule thoughts!

5 thoughts on “SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | Dresses and shirts.

  1. Veronica says:

    I totally had that challenge when I did a Spring capsule and the weather turned against me. I am going to try again for Fall but think I will need to be more diverse in layering options this time.

    That aside, I really like this outfit and it totally inspired what I am wearing today.

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    • therealjlow says:

      Well I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’m feeling a tad dispondent with it atm but I guess a six month capsule is quite a stretch! I’m super glad I could inspire you today! I hope the outfit serves you well and if you blog it link it to me! 🙂 xx


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