Feeling comfortable when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes

Feeling comfortable when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes

Jacket: Zara (2009), Eyelit shirt: Next*, Harem Trousers: Next (2013)*, Heels: Clarks (2013)

The moment the bloating hits it’s like you’ve suddenly been filled with air and can barely bend over. This isn’t literal of course but it feels like it is and that’s when your favourite jeans become your least favourite item of clothing.

For me this is when I feel least comfortable in my clothes no matter how stylish they are. This might look different to you; you might have a different way in which you feel uncomfortable but whatever the reason it’s important to have emergency or just general clothes that make you feel your best even when you feel at your worse.

For me I know that having these outfits is important and yet it’s taken the longest time for me to just give in to these days and dress accordingly.

Discover the problem.

So mine is pretty obvious, I get super bloated and feel on edge at the same time. Firstly I know my reason is a combination of food and exercise. So really I know in my heart of hearts that when the bloat hits that I have A, probably been eating too much bread and certain vegetables and hat B, I really should go for that fast walk (my foot is still healing, unbelievably). Lastly of course it’s partially about choosing an outfit which works with the bloat and makes you feel good.

So what have I learnt? Dresses are my best friend.

I know many posts back I would have mentioned that I worried about the blog this summer because of my love of dresses. I don’t know when my love of dresses has become so pronounced but I would say on average I wear dresses at least four days a week and that’s pretty prolific! So why dresses? Well I love a dress with a pulled in waist my reason for this is it hangs fabulously and it doesn’t matter if you can tell that your bloated the outside world won’t so my first outfit is always a dress.

That being said there are some days when a dress just isn’t what you want to wear or really you’re dreaming of leggings but it’s really hot or you know you’re at work and this is when this outfit comes in handy!

Tapered, harem trousers!

These my friends are your pyjamas trousers/pants. I actually got this pair last year but the exact style is still on sale in different patterns from Next and really there is nothing better than these! They are beyond comfortable, light and I have been able o wear them in all temperatures this pair have even taken a couple of trips to India and let me tell you Goa in October? Hot! Humid! Hot!

So why do these work with a bloat? Because they stretch, elasticated like leggings these are your summer jeans with none of the constriction! Here I have paired this up with a white eyelet shirt, now I wore this without a top underneath which was maybe daring but let me tell you on a hot day it was a life send! And again a shame tuck I wrote about this here+ but a shame tuck is great for hiding a little bit of bloat. It offers both structure and more camouflage for those heavier days!

So my issues are clearly the bloat but is there anything you would be interested in? Like how to hide your arms in the heat or I don’t even know what! But if you have any requests leave them below!

*Next are currently on sale so to be honest I wasn’t up for searching their site for these items since I always find their sale site too complicated to navigate for specific items but checking out the sale in store never hurts! Also these harem trousers have been up for sale in the same style just different patterns for several years so don’t panic if you don’t find them now, they’ll be back!

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