AW Collections | Long Tall Sally Musts

The Coatigan

The Denim

The Tunic

The Boots

The Trainer

The Heels

You know what I love best about August? The highstreet AW reveals! They start slowly but my oh my does it get you excited for the new season!!! Ack! Now onto my first store – because I love looking at the new collections its my hope that over the next few weeks I can show you my initial go to stores for clothes inspiration and shopping and give you the lowdown on my favourite pieces.

Now Long Tall Sally – if our not tall I am super sorry because look at these pieces above! *dying* for me this is a store that I love for the longer pieces like T shirts and of course jeans and trousers but those of you who are a little shorter give me a heads up on what stores you love and I’ll have a gander and make a post just for you! This post is also not sponsored!

So onto the fashion, I love LTS shoe game this season, I’m not overwhelmed by the clothing options but as you can see above I am all about their shoe collection! In fact I can’t even decide which pair I should buy (first?). You’re totally right if you suggest buy them all! haha – Now Long Tall Sally do their shoes in size 7 to I think 12? So its great if your feet are on the larger side!

The clothes above are like the perfect outfit! I don’t understand what my obsession is with greyscale this year when everything I wanted last year was coloured but here you have it! Hopefully the blog won’t become therealgreyscale blog but we will see!

Have you got any favourites I missed or any store you want covering, drop a link below!

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