How the Capsule Wardrobe can show you how to love what you own.

The Shorts you shouldn’t love.

White open back top: Zara, Shorts: Next, Sandals: New Look, Bag: Accessorize, Sunglasses (similar, orig from Oliver Bonas in store): Oliver Bonas

I always look at these shorts and wonder why am I wearing these? I’m not entirely convinced that they suit me, they sometimes leave a nice welt on my waist and they go against most of my style rules and yet . . .

I find more tops to go with it more than anything I own and I wear them at least every other weekend and I have the Capsule Wardrobe to thank for that.

If I had bought these whilst I was spending freely I think I would have more than likely wore them once and then put them to the back of my wardrobe and forgotten about them. As it is with the capsule wardrobe I have instead found myself finding ways to wear them and incorporating them even when I didn’t think could.

So if you are still staring at capsule wardrobes thinking this is not for me then this is something to seriously think about. I know that recently I have had my doubts but when it comes to saving money and actually wearing and loving what you own this has been a real game changer for me and it could also potentially be for you.

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