5 things.

5 things this week that I have been up to or falling in love with . . .


Zara now only £7.99!

Bright, patterned scarves

The only way to keep a capsule interesting is by changing things and one of the things I am again looking to change come fall? Colour and texture. I’ll admit I did fall into Zara and yes I may have purchased two items but let me clear this up. I allowed myself the odd purchase, this time round was nothing to do with none at all but everything to do with a hell of a lot less, bonus points? I had waited for this T shirt to be in sale from full price, you know I’m almost proud of myself!


Royal blue and Bunny(!!!!) Cushions are from TK Maxx but are now no longer available 😦 the fuzzy one is Matalan (only £8!!) and the very famous black and white pillow which can be seen on the book below was from Ikea a couple of years back!

Royal Blue & Mustard

So this all really started with cushions. In fact it started in our living room. As our living room has felt overrun by reds and heavy patterns these last few years I really wanted to pull back on the colour however as it is we ended up pulling out our white cushions (which honestly I always felt were a bit at odds with the rest of the room) and have instead put in our decorative cushions/pillows from the bedroom. Instead of where was white is now grey with a splash of turquoise. Maybe blue and red doesn’t scream at you straight off the bat but we’ve grown to love it.

Of course in their place I could have just done a straight swap, but then again, where is the fun in that? No. Instead we took a trip to TK Maxx (place of dreams) a few weeks back and bought ourselves some new, bold, royal blue crushed velvet cushions and of course this darling rabbit one as well . . .

Even better they are all feather filled! Say good bye to twisted Ikea pillows and hello to heaven!


Avocado + Egg

I almost tried this recipe out the other day but of course my avocado was off! Has anyone else had a rotten time with Avocado of late? Mine all seem determined to go brown and streaky even before they are ripe! Nightmare! Now I have heard mixed reviews about this Pinterest worthy breakfast, but have any of you guys tried it? Its currently on the top of my list to try!


Lusting after

£29.99 Zara

This beautiful wine red tassel bag from Zara, holy moly I want, I want! You’d think in the middle of summer I wouldn’t be thinking about rich winter colours but you would be wrong! There is something so symbolic and lovely about colour in general, it can so easily evoke so many different feelings but the one I love most is those colours that feel supportive, like they love you and will make you instantly happy! That’s wine/burgundy for sure!


The Nesting Place

On Amazon! (I bought mine in Kindle form but I am tempted to get it again as a hardback!)

I bought this book for many reasons but funnily the main one was because it focuses on manageable upgrades and in finding the beauty in the imperfections in your home whilst building your style slowly and organically. The reason this is funny is because I had to stop reading it on the train into work as it got me riled up and ready to revitalise my home, so much so that I would go into work frustrated and anxious. Thankfully I can read this on the evening train with no problems however, and thank heavens because this is a fantastic book!

Most importantly I can even suggest this to you (in fact even more so) if like us you are renting. The focus on this book is not a how to decorate your home or DIY’s but more developing your inner mind and peace with the idea that you don’t have to have your house all figured out or keep up with the Jones’s as it were!

Even better this books is a couple of years old so it’s a lovely reprieve from the colour grey! You can check up on Myquellyn and her current home and blog here+.

Do you like, love or loathe 5 things posts going forward? drop me an email or comment below!

6 thoughts on “5 things.

  1. beate minderjahn says:

    I love your cushion photo. 10 years ago, I got a Designers Guild sample of an upholstery fabric with green and orange flocked stripes on natural woven linen. That is the most amazing fabric I have ever seen (unfortunately it was too expensive for my dining chairs). Just touching the texture of these fabrics feels beautiful… Love the bunnies! Enjoy your day. Beate


    • therealjlow says:

      Ah fantastic I love this material! My mum’s couch is similar which is why I think I fell in love with them so much! These are from Tk/TJ Maxx do nicely affordable and with feather fillings?! It’s impossible to go wrong! X


  2. matchamilady says:

    No such thing as seasonal colours as far as I’m concerned. Pastels and bright colours work perfectly in winter and burgundy is a classic shade no matter the weather

    Liked by 1 person

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