Food for thought.

Food for thought.

Not so much minimalism but an adventure with food. Over the last few years I have had an odd relationship with food. Having IBS means that my food choices are often odd and sometimes limited. I don’t have them down at all (in the grand scheme of things) but in the last year I have really begun to better understand my limits from food and because of that I have also begun to see a vast difference in my digestive health.

No more beef

It happened last Wednesday. I got home late from an onsite job and being the lazy girl I am I got a McDonalds. A cheese burger in fact. Now back in the days we fondly named these Crack burgers, the addictive burger you had to have post university night out but nowadays for the most part I am completely beef free. In fact I probably hadn’t eaten beef at all in 2015 until Wednesday.

I had initially made the switch to corn mince etc after feeling really rather ill after having beef and honestly it’s made the biggest change in my health that I have noticed. What used to happen was sickening nausea the next day, now if you’re suffering IBS and you just have nausea every day for months on end, you end up stop knowing what it feels like to be normal but (touching all the wood) I haven’t had that in so long that now I just can’t risk going back. Now going back to beef when I had it on Wednesday it was no longer a crack burger because you know what happens when you stop eating beef and go back to it? Well beef tastes like Cow and quite frankly I no longer like the taste! At all! and I am shocked! Don’t ask me what that means for McDonalds emergencies! Chicken sandwich but not having beef seems like the right way to go, for now.

Dipped toes in paleo

In the same vein we have also made over our baking somewhat, we’ve already stopped using oil, bar coconut oil but another thing I have wanted to try more of is Paleo. I mentioned it last week but we made banana and chocolate chip (ok not all paleo) Greek yogurt muffins. These are not made with traditional flour, they also don’t contain butter or eggs! Its honestly the dream and even better for IBS fellows you use porridge oats! Now porridge oats are the bees knees in my world! They are so un-harmful for either C, D or mixed (in fact they help!) but along with this they are basically, banana, Greek yogurt, chocolate drops and a little bit of brown sugar! So simple and you know what it’s not too bad!

I wouldn’t say its ever as good as a normal bake but it’s made an ace breakfast for the past week!

Food is such a delicate thing sometimes, when I was in university I rarely thought about what I was putting in my body and it’s so interesting to see as you get older how much you do start thinking about food and altering your diet to suit its needs! What do you guys think about your food? Are there things that you no longer like to eat?

5 thoughts on “Food for thought.

  1. Florida Life Minimalist says:

    I have a few things I can no longer consume. I have recently developed an allergy to dairy so cow’s milk, cheese and yogurt are not an option. I only drink water and coffee, so even a sip of a soda burns my throat. I also don’t eat fried foods. I will have the occasional french fry order but I can’t think of the last time I had any other kind of fried food. I would love to eventually move to a no-meat diet, and switch from coffee to tea. I trained myself to like coffee so I think I could do the same for tea.


    • therealjlow says:

      I totally understand! I’ve had a similar reaction with dairy which is only getting worse! I have lactose free milk which is ace, but found myself worse on soy! And I can’t have caffeine full stop, cola is strangely ok from a tap in a pub or bar where they mix the syrup but a bottle/can is a no go!

      For me it always comes down to preferring to feel really really good than eat foods that are only good with you for five minutes! Haha – I’m also thinking of cutting down wheat! It seems non processed is the way to go!

      But man, do I miss coffee . . . .


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      • Florida Life Minimalist says:

        I also seem to be slowly developing an allergy to dairy. Over the last several months is feels like it’s getting worse and worse. Very strange, I never realized you could develop an allergy over time I guess.

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        • therealjlow says:

          Me neither! But I guess it’s like having a medicine your alergic to, the first time isn’t as severe as the fifth time so maybe we didn’t notice as much? I did read an interesting article a while back about a woman who cured her ibs by basically having a year off of all processed foods and the gently reintroducing them. Her idea was that the body gets overloaded with processed foods and if you give it enough time to heal you should be able to eat them again in controlled portions! It was quite interesting . . . Xoxo

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