The first steps in minimalism

Embracing minimalist theories has been both an eye opening and scary experience and since myself and Josh feel that we are living in a cave full of stuff with nothing that we really use we have decided to apply a few of those principals to our home. Now in the past when we have decided to have a clean-up we have always approached this room by room. We will say oh, lets clear up the living room! We start with drawers, we go through the stool and as we go along you’ll often find things slipping through the net. Oh yeah I definitely need these art supplies I’ve not used since sixth form art class! Or yes, I need all 200 CD’s (god forbid you put the ones you love on Itunes and move on!). I know I am a collector, I know I collect so really although this works well enough, it doesn’t work well enough to really achieve the results we want.

So instead we are approaching the throwing differently. This time we have started making lists of all the things we need that we can name from afar. So now if you saw me on the train you’ll probably find me hurriedly writing lists on my ipad! Why we are doing it this way? Well it brings me back to minimalism and the thing that started all this, The Capsule Wardrobe.

When you plan your first capsule wardrobe, you choose what you can’t live without! In this case it’s the idea of if you need to save something from a fire, what would it be? With this in mind it does make you double think things, for example on the whole there are two of us in our house so why do we need and have 10 coffee mugs? It’s so unnecessary for two people who could of course just wash up their cups!

So here goes scary! Dividing down our previously packed house to minimal possessions is gonna be pretty petrifying but worth it in the long run, a nice fresh start! Even better? A chance for a little bit of cohesiveness! for once . . .

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