Living Minimalist | The small things

they call me the blur in H&M (jacket), Zara (T, jeans and Scarf) and Clarks (shoes).

How often do we speak about the small things and taking moments when it comes to minimalism? I feel like it’s all the time but its what makes the movement so fabulous that it allows you to focus on what actually matters. Lately myself and Josh have been rushed off our feet and in this time the small things have become so incredibly important to us.

In fact I would say we are actually spending more quality time together as of a result. Rather than a whole weekend in and out of our laptops or side projects we’ve been so busy that it’s been more snuggles on the couch and going out for lunch, breakfast or coffee in the moments that we have free.

These times have actually made the last month or so pretty magical. It’s so funny how life works sometimes that when you feel your most out of control is actually when the most magic happens and you feel most fulfilled and I think that’s what a minimalist approach to life and our closet offers you. The chance to stop putting emphasis on the many things and key back to the world before computers and social media ruled the waves!

We have however decided that we do need to give ourselves a little more of break which we will on the 10th and in light of this I think that for the next few weeks I’m going to lighten the blog a little, make it less of a full on idea every post but instead give you guys some breathing room and share photos and little titbits which make up the everyday!

What do we think? Since after all isn’t a capsule all about lightening the load?

I wore this outfit a couple of Saturdays back where we had a day or errands and what you don’t see? It rained horrendously for an hour in which time we had gone to the supermarket (i’m a classy food shopper in heels) and gotten soaked repeatedly.

on a side note, just washed jeans? What a struggle!

blur you later! for up to dates thoughts check out Instagram and Snapchat!

4 thoughts on “Living Minimalist | The small things

  1. Ina Library says:

    Great spirit. It’s so true. We need to take the value from it: It’s not about abstinence for the sake of torturing ourselves and looking drab in everything we wear. Instead, it’s about focusing on the simple things and the freed up time we have! 🙂 Great post, yet again!

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