Date Night, Everynight.

I am a firm believer that date nights should happen as often as possible. It needn’t be fancy or even with a significant other but finding some time for a fancier dinner or a meal out is always a good idea.

Me and Josh are massive foodies and when I say massive, I mean massive! Since knowing Josh m food preferences have grown an awful lot! He is incredibly adventurous when it comes to food and I have to say, its worn off on me somewhat!

This past Saturday was one where we decided to have a nice date night at home. After all whether its at home or out its always a nice night to break with tradition. This past weekend we lived the tapas dream picking up a few of our favourites to have a nice picky meal together with of course a little red wine!

We also adore setting the mood. We like to do this by adding candles as well as something beautiful to be set on the table and often we pick out a great soundtrack to play in the background. In the last year its featured quite heavily on the music we’d like to feature at our wedding.

We are currently burning through a fuzzy duck candle from Christmas and Diptyques Amber for something pretty we pulled out our incense burner which was bought for Josh by his parents in Saudi Arabia.

Our food adventure this week didn’t end there and on Sunday we experimented with greek yogurt, banana muffins as well as baking an over the top Smitten Kitten red velvet cake (it has wine in it!). We also made a fancy sausage roll to have with salad for our lunch/come main meal of the day which featured sausage along with chorizo and apple!

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