Festival Style

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Festival style

If you work in events or are a music lover than festivals are either the only thing on your mind, or the thing that you’re sick of seeing enter your inbox. I’m not a huge festival goer, as a kid growing up in Hitchin we had a festival called, Rhythms of the World. Eventually set over two days it overtook the town, originally setting up stages in every public space it could until becoming ticketed in 2007. For a teen it was the dream weekend, spending (hopefully) two hot days under the sun hanging out with music coming from every direction.

Of course with this in mind it was only a matter of time before we had to think about festival style. Now honestly I don’t have a festival to go to but I do know that this weekend is forecast rain and if there’s anything that screams festival its rain in the middle of summer!

Now this all started because me and Josh are spending a lot of the weekend running around so to have to combine heat with rain in an outfit, well that’s always been difficult for me. So firstly I thought well ok, Pinterest challenge me! So here are the three things that I found to ensure perfect festival dressing!

Shorts are a huge proportion of festival style

Don’t ask me when shorts became a festival must have with wellies but that’s how it is in the uk it’s both surprisingly smart and sensible, you keep cool by having less fabric whilst keeping your feet mud and water free.

Kimono’s are always a good idea

Do I love my kimono? Just a little. I totally see why. Not only do you get to feel, almost famous cool but it gives you both protection from the cold when you need it whilst not being so hot that you can’t wear it! Also tassels will always be your friend, I promise you.

Push the boat out with accessories & make up*

I feel like a festival is the one time you get to be as wacky and outlandish as you’d like. If you want to pile on bracelets up to your armpits then do! If you fancy trialling out tattoo ideas with transfers do it! Make your make up as bold as you’d like and see what you can come up with! I loved all these ideas for accessories and make up!

*probably too much for a weekend but who can say no to that floral make up!!

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