Max-imise your date night with a maxi dress of perfect proportions

Missouri Maxi Dress, Monsoon £59.00

Petite, 90’s High Neck Maxi Dress, Asos £22.00

TTYA for Long Tall Sally, Printed pleat maxi dress £95

Zara Sandals £49.99

Lime Stripe faux fur clutch, River Island £35

I don’t believe that there is a woman alive who doesn’t suit a maxi dress (or the odd man for that matter!) so finding one to round out your summer or even winter capsule was paramount for me. As I consider this a must have look, I have once again set myself a mission to find the most gorgeous pieces in every length.

The thing I love most about these long length party stoppers is that they can’t fail to be both sexy and casual at the same time. Switch out the heels for a pair of flats and pull in a subtler bag and a denim jacket and you’ve got a casual look to rock to your nearby watering hole. Whilst a sexy pair of heels and a in your face bag makes this outfit the perfect one to rock on your next night out (date or not!).

What are your concerns with the maxi trend, are you someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in longer lengths? Drop me a comment below as I’d love to hear from you!

*Kudos for anyone that gets the reference in the title. You are my hero.

5 thoughts on “Max-imise your date night with a maxi dress of perfect proportions

  1. matchamilady says:

    I’m 5ft so maxi dresses very rarely fit me length wise but I love them and have found about 2 that I can wear, always on the lookout for more but it’s a slow business

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    • therealjlow says:

      Oh no! I have totally the oposite issue! Being taller than the reg sizes! Accept for one store which is way too long on me! I wore it out on the city one night half tied at the front to stop it catching! Haha


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