SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | I wore a Playsuit out and this is what happened.

Denim Shirt: Men’s H&M, Black Playsuit: H&M Basics, leather belt: Fat Face, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Clarks (on sale!)

Welcome to the backstreets of Rochester folks! Let me introduce you to this a basics playsuit from H&M. If you followed me last year you’ll know that I bought myself a playsuit last year from next and although I adore it beyond words the weather was just never quite perfect enough and the one time I did wear it (to my best friends house in the summer) I got followed by bees all day! Success? Not entirely.

There’s an awkwardness to Playsuit wearing. The worry about getting in and out of it but then there is also a comfort to it. It’s something I wear around my house a lot to lounge in, add to the fact that legs are pretty loose and relaxed only adds to the reclining feel of it.

So I wore this Playsuit out from about half ten until four and with the beginnings of a cold, so to be honest I wasn’t in the greatest trialing mood but here’s the thing, it really wasn’t so bad. My floral Playsuit is a bit of a bugger to get in and out of and yet this one allowed me to use public bathrooms! and I didn’t freak out, too much at least.

For you tall girls out there its not too short, I felt a little self conscious but it is certainly doable and I think if I wore this out with Joshey on a night out I would pair it with my suede heels. Having spent the day out and about in it I can certainly see the benefits to the one piece life but I’m not entirely convinced that it would be something that I would wear all the time!

What are your thoughts on playsuits? are they a yes or a no?

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