SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | Sexy is as sexy does.

Pink Blazer: H&M, White T with lace detailing: H&M, White Wrap skirt: H&M, White Lace biker shorts: H&M, Grey heels: New Look for more details see my SS15 capsule wardrobe post here+

Let’s be ‘sexy’ today. The idea of someone being sexy is clearly subjective and I’m not calling myself that but my clothes, sure they can be sexy. Why not? My current capsule wardrobe is a bit of a game changer this time round. More pieces than I expected have that ‘sexy’ edge that I haven’t had in previous capsules and so far it’s been really enjoyable to explore that side of getting dressed. I’m never going to manage to be overtly or even considered sexy, cute maybe, well turned out (if I’m lucky) but never really sexy. No in modern times that’s reserved for the Kardashians of the world and man do they do it well, but it sure is fun to play in their half of the closet.

Wrap it up. This wrap skirt is a prime example of sexy. It’s also my favourite type of sexy, it’s a quiet form of sexy, it doesn’t scream but nor does it have to. Just that flash of leg is enough and for anyone who wants to explore that side of their fashion sense things like this are the best place to start. While we still have some coolness to these spring days I have layered my skirt with shocker, cycle shorts. These have apparently been a fixture of H&M for the past few years but it’s actually only the first time I have seen them and I sort of understand why this year is the first time. See for girls like me which I explained on Monday thigh rub is real and yet simple steps like deodorant and cycle shorts like these can minimise an awful lot of the burn! Downside time however, the lace on these fit a little off and when I say a little, I mean a lot so I thought I’d capture this before it gets too hot and I find myself unstitching the lace one evening! Culotte cute? Nope these don’t make culottes for sure but I love the idea of their juxtaposition, “You’re wearing shorts under there?” Yup, and I like it. But back to sexy I think that the barest of hints of it is sexy, it gives you something far more than any old net curtain dress could and I think that’s where I’m truly finding sexy this year, hidden in the unexpected details.

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