Have you ever had Capsule Fear?

Jacket: Primark 2012, White eyelit shirt: Next*, Boyfriend Jeans: Zara, Brogues: Clarks, Bag: Next

Have you ever had, Capsule fear? 

It’s a strange thing to be talking about it right at the beginning of a fresh capsule wardrobe but for those of you who have already had one, do you ever have capsule fear?

I figured I would and could make roughly 50 pieces stretch over 6 months and in a normal world I would without problem but here’s the thing I worry about. When I blog three times a week I worry about simply running out of combinations. Totally, silly but I know a lot of these clothes have been seen over the past few years and that’s good because what is a capsule wardrobe meant to be about? Oh yeah, being sensible but on the other hand are you going to get bored? I already know that I want to wear my cobalt blue sundress every week but would you want to see it every week? I wear my chambray shirt as a jacket 90% of the time, again are you going to get bored?

I have many worries when it comes to being overly predictable but I guess we will have to see how creative I can be when it comes to fewer pieces. Similarly it will be interesting to see whether I do want to stick to the same pieces over and over again or will I want to wear everything just at different periods across the next six months.

So tell me, fellow capsule wardrobers, do you ever get the fear of boredom?

* The eyelit shirt: Fit.

So I wanted to just take a second to tell you about this shirt. Firstly I love it and so far I know that I will wear it repeatedly throughout summer and perhaps more often than I should but for anyone considering buying one I have to inform you that it is see through there is no backing on the holes so yes if you wear a different colour bra you are going to see it! Because of the fit on this white one on me if I wear a T-shirt bra I have absolutely no worries about this but some this might be a concern.

3 thoughts on “Have you ever had Capsule Fear?

  1. whatwouldstephdo says:

    We all repeat clothes. This is the real world. No one is expecting you to have a Kardashian wardrobe. You are trying to show people what you can do for 6 months with a limited closest. I love looking at what you come up with every week. Even Anne Wintour Repeats….so no worries keep on keepin on


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  2. fraeuleinnotter says:

    I totally understand your fear in connection with (fashion) blogging. Because: what is the point of blogging the exactly same outfit twice? On the other hand: for 6 month a 3 posts a week you need 78 outfits. Lets asume you have 12 trousers and skirts and 12 tops and blouses in your 50 items capsule: that alone would make 144 outfits (at least in theorie) not to count variations with dresses, cardigans, different shoes etc. And even if you have to repeat outfits on the blog: I would really like to read how it feels to wear a certain combination quite often and what you learned from the process of construction and wearing a wardrobe capsule.
    Dont worry!
    All the best
    Frl. Notter


    • therealjlow says:


      thank you so much for dropping by and leaving this comment. I am so pleased to hear that its not the be all and end all unless you have something new to show each post and great thoughts give me a couple of months and I will give you a blog post!! I have a feeling it will be all about the sundress however!!thanks again, Jess

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