Capsule Wardrobe Shopping: Before, During and After thoughts.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Gap, Boyfriend Jeans: Zara, Sandals: Clarks

Thoughts on the last shop of Spring/Summer 2015

For this post I wanted to share my thoughts on the shopping process both before and after to see how I feel following my final shop so here goes a little, therealjlow goes shopping!

Before the shopping

I have been incredibly lazy with this shopping adventure. Most of my capsule is chosen it’s all hanging in all its glory and I could have photographed most of it, but have I? Of course not. That would be asking too much right?

I have however been leaving a lot of shopping baskets all over the internet in preparation and for all my excitement about colours and patterns so far I have been fixated on denim. Denim shorts, white jeans and even a jacket.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens tomorrow but as of right now I’m actually still stuck on the incredible world of denim!!


Holy moly, what a rush! Honestly I haven’t been shopping like that in years! Probably not since I lived with my mum and dad! And that is actually a surprisingly long time ago (for me) now.

I had completely forgotten how freeing a shopping trip could be without guilt. How did I rid myself of guilt? Well quite simply, I planned it. I knew I was going to spend money and buy multiple items and because I had saved a month a bit in advance so now I don’t have to freak out over how I will survive the rest of the month.

Pre capsule wardrobe I would shop as and when and that type of shopping really adds up over the month and I would have found myself spending far more than I did in one day!

Because I had bought my sandals my budget was £150 I actually over spent by about £10 but I think that was acceptable as I ended up buying a photography book from Urban Outfitters as well!

Shopping wise I bought unexpected things that weren’t as I expected. Confused yet? Well I planned to buy nothing like I already owned but I had put an emphasis on colour, did colour happen? No, but great different pieces did. I even bought a hat!

As long as I keep these shopping trips to a minimum and don’t shop in between I see this as a really great compromise. As exciting as shopping whenever (or more so) is I’m really pleased that this was such a successful trip!


It’s the morning after and I am so pleased to report that I have zero buyers remorse in fact I’m even slightly happy that its raining as it means I can continue to stare at my new purchases all day!!

I ended up ordering a couple of missing pieces afterwards since they didn’t have my size yesterday. I’m keeping every single finger crossed until they get here that they fit great and are keepers because yesterday I feel like I made some really good choices and these would really bind everything together. Although the pieces I picked up yesterday were trend led to a degree I don’t feel like I won’t be able to bring them forward again for next year, or the year after or the next and that’s really been the key.

Yesterday as well I had had a few moments of I love what I have but I wish I also had some colour but looking at my closet now I sort of see why actually these are even better. I really bought needs rather than wants and subconsciously! I also picked up really versatile pieces and that can be really important for a wardrobe overall and so that guilt is gone and it really makes me pleased that I started this wild ride last autumn!

4 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Shopping: Before, During and After thoughts.

  1. bemyintention says:

    This is exactly how my shopping went this spring!! Totally unexpected but totally AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what you ended up with! I can’t explain how light and crisp I’ve been feeling with all my whites and light greys this season even though I was determined to have some fresh color in my wardrobe too. This baby only has about four colored items in her capsule *insert wide eyed grin here*
    Glad you had fun! And glad to see the joy that taking control of your shopping is bringing you.
    Lots of love from the U.S. ❤️


    • therealjlow says:

      Hi Kylie!!! How crazy is that!! I’m still a little anxious over it photographing everything makes me crazy! Haha I have very few colours! Mainly navy and yellow lol completely oposite to my plans! Lots of love back from the UK!

      Liked by 1 person

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