Fashion: How original are your ideas?

Fashion: How original are your ideas?

I am a huge lover of Man Repeller for me it’s really all about Leandra Medina; she just seems so genuine and lovely that I have been addicted to her blog for the last four years! However our fashion choices can often be quite different (read, always). Predominately I think because we are built differently so I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in half of what she wears however I did have to question myself the other morning.

Last Sunday I decided that I was going to lay out some clothes for the week separately to my work in progress capsule and the rest of my clothing items and on my rail of clothes I also added my silk scarf from 2012. I probably haven’t worn this since then but then Wednesday morning found me tying my silk scarf in a triangular shape, fronted with a knotted bow.

Silk Scarf: Accessorize 2012, Pink Blazer: H&M 2014, Navy T: Zara 2014, Cropped Boyfriend Jeans: Zara 2013, Sandals: Clarks

This is clearly not something that I would have come up with on my own, I know this and yet here I was sitting in my newly tied silk scarf. I had spent most of the winter frowning at the page wondering whether this was going to catch on and yet here I was proving that yes it had caught on!

Then of course I had to stop and wonder further (of course . . .) if I caught onto this eventually does that mean that most, if not all my style ideas are un-original? most likely but also whether personal style is really as personal as we all think or is it still following fashion in its own way?

After all we weren’t all following the same scandinavian trends a few years ago when our wardrobes were filled to bursting with every colour under the rainbow of denim skinnies now where we?

So how original are your ideas do you think? Comment below!

One thought on “Fashion: How original are your ideas?

  1. matchamilady says:

    I think that there is nothing original anymore. Previous styles are being refashioned in contemporary ways but I think everything that can be done, has been done and now there are no more set styles for a decade anymore. Now anything goes and we have the freedom to dress as we choose so it comes to down to personal style and the way we wear things


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