Waiting for inspiration

Orange sweater: Primark, Khaki Dress: H&M, Black Sandals: Clarks.

All these items are highly likely to be a part of my SS15 Capsule Wardrobe but whats holding me back? Inspiration. I feel as if my wardrobe is almost there and I’m very excitedly having my final shop this coming Saturday with my girls, Becky and Joey this is my last shop until September and I’m both anxious and relieved about it.

Unlike Winter so far building this capsule wardrobe hasn’t felt very succinct. Whereas during AW14/15 I felt like I had all my ducks in a line and my theme well established this one feels messier. I’m adding on an additional month, I’m trying to make a wardrobe that offers me more with almost the same amount of items and yet when I look at the wardrobe as a whole so far I feel at a loss and as if its nothing of which I was hoping to build for this season.

The problem I feel stems from this being the first summer of this capsule wardrobe process, just as Autumn was about realising what decent well made basics look like this summer is no different. You need to give yourself a break to find great denim shorts that are both flattering and comfortable and you need to work out the perfect balance between hot and cool, what works for you and what doesn’t and for impatient me? Thats pretty hellish.

The problem always stems from jumping the gun and having the exact idea of what I want to wear without having the products to back it up, its something I’ll need to work on moving forward but I do feel happy that maybe if I get my basics down this year that next year I can maybe only buy a few pieces that cost a bit more and that much more exciting! Or at least heres hoping! Worst case scenario its gonna be down to the girls to get my butt in gear and make this capsule a really solid one for summer 2015.

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