Attack of the Ugly Shoe. (Are Ugly shoes still cute?)

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Are Ugly shoes still cute? It may appear a daft question but it’s important for a girl like me who has constant foot problems, that we ask are ugly shoes still appropriate for SS15? If the high street is anything to go by then the jury says yes, buy those godawful shoes! And I think the blogging world can still back me up here. Although I will not be going on trend with Birks I will be going on trend with ugly shoes.

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What prompted this rapid turnaround after buying the beauty which is my Dulcie Meg wedges from Clarks? Injury when in doubt always guess injury my friends!

I like to run, not because I like feeling out of breath and like I am a whale trying to swim out of water but because it’s a quick power boost. It rids me of commuting stress (four hours a day will do that to you) and its quick way to lose a few pounds without spending days cycling up hills. But running yesterday?

Well running yesterday didn’t go so well. I have a repeat injury on my bad leg and it feels as if someone has stabbed a fork through the top of my foot. Its not comfortable I’ll tell you that. It comes from my muscles contracting and shortening from my bad ankle no longer bending enough. Its beyond irritating and even more painful and on occasion debilitating but its taught me something about the line between fashion and comfort.

As a kid I hated wearing what I thought were ugly supportive shoes*, but let me tell you this as a clumsy, accident prone girl I rarely did any real damage! But fast forward to being an adult making my own bad footwear choices and I’m rocking pins and a metal plate, coincidence? Probably not.

But now I’m trying to mend the damage. I’m going to work in my running shoes and changing at work and I have been only investing in more sensible shoes which offer often hidden support. Taking this further I have finally realised that shoes which repeatedly cause me problems like knock of Vans? they just have to be thrown away and never spoken about again! See sometimes fashion is worth it, but other times when you can’t walk to work and miss your train home it stops making so much sense!

Where do you guys draw the line with fashion and your footwear?

*when I was at school kickers were the height of fashion, emphasis on height and I am retroactively so glad I never wore them! Whatever did we see in these?

6 thoughts on “Attack of the Ugly Shoe. (Are Ugly shoes still cute?)

  1. flannelandflex says:

    Great article! I actually love my Birkenstocks, which was a style I never thought I’d go for. The comfort is amazing and they’re simple (mine are just brown with two straps) so I can wear them with any casual summer outfit!


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