Finding Style

Black Blazer: Zara (winter 2014) alternative, Dress: H&M, Belt: Next (old), Shoes: New Look (old) I am so pleased to say that I am so close to sharing the Capsule wardrobe for the next four months! By then I will have had two months off from a capsule and although on the hole I haven’t struggled with dressing I am looking forward to having a set of really clear clothes and outfits which can be pulled together in a pinch and flawlessly. I know this because my basics are finally all together and really all I have left is a scheduled trip with some girlfriends to find those stand out, key pieces. What I am realising now is that great basics make great structured outfits that are flattering, but that investment, stand out pieces give an outfit so much more. This last weekend I hit up my all time favourite store of the moment, Zara and honestly I fell head over heals for their kimono jackets in some incredible patterns. I was drawn to bright colours and shapes that really stood out and told a very different story to all the basics I found myself gravitating towards in this capsule year so far. In fact when I think about Autumn again I can already get a little bit excited because I have my jeans, I have my black blazer, my T’s and this time round its less about building a whole wardrobe and more about adding excitement, about shapes, textures and patterns that scream me. I really couldn’t be more excited, theres so much more to come and I can’t wait to share it.

3 thoughts on “Finding Style

    • therealjlow says:

      Hiya! Thank you for your comment and bless – you should have seen the other photos I had to get rid of! haha i will certainly check out your blog for sure! Its such a great community you’ve joined! You’ll love it for sure!


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