How to wear a classic “Rock Chick” look

Black Blazer: Zara, Scarf: Zara, T: H&M (2010), Bag: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Boots: New Look

I love finding new styles to try and one that I haven’t revisited in a while? The classic rock chick. Once upon a time I was all about leather jackets, skinny jeans and black blazers but in all honesty its been a while!

Something about these new on sale boots called to me however and said, hey you! Lets get back out there and try a classic rock chick look and this is what I arrived at.

When you have a smaller wardrobe I implore you all to figure out a look like this. Perfect for your more edgy days its relatively easy to accomplish and equally, easy to alter and include various items from your capsule.

For this look I wore leggings but I also know that it would wear well with my black, Zara jeans. While switching up my top a black top which hangs slightly longer would look equally awesome and more sophisticated for casual Fridays at work! If blacks not your colour why not try the same look with navy and dark blue jeans or even a dark forest green!

Rock boots and leather. These are a pair of my replacement boots for those wintery, rainy days and with the added buckle detailing it enters instant rock chick status which I completely love. Its funny because a look I would wear an awful lot back in my late teens felt really different for me when I wore this last week and yet I think once winter hits next year this might once again become a go to look for me.

The key I think to any rock-chick look is keep it simple and classic so its more timeless and appropriate for any age and then add in some stronger, edgier details. What pulls this look together is the sharper lines of the blazer, the silver of the boots buckles and the hardware on the bag. If you want a more refined look however  try minimising these accents or make your bag choice softer or even wear a softer shaped jacket perhaps switching it up to leather! A personal favourite from last year was a suede waterfall jacket from next in Navy so fingers crossed this style might return this year!

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