SS15 | Start with your needs.

Blazer: Topshop, Stripped T: Next, Circular scarf: Accessorize, Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Clarks

Start with your needs.

As it is now officially spring (what are these beautiful fluffy white clouds and periwinkle blue skies my friends?) I have been trying to wrap my head around dressing for the warmer months to come and do you know what I’ve come out with? Brain freeze.

I really feel like I am still searching for my ‘look’ again or at least waiting for the stores to stock what I really want and that’s been causing me untold grief while I’ve waited. The biggest problem comes from me not wanting to settle to too strict a colour palette. My wardrobe is bursting with blues, with stripes and black but I want white, I want coral, I want red and burnt orange! But where is it? It’s as if the stores have decreed that we all must live in blue, permanently. And let me tell you after spending most of winter in Navy, I’m done. I’m so done.

Summer and I have rarely gotten along but last year I felt like we had a good thing going. We had simple and flattering jersey dresses from H&M, harem trousers and a funky playsuit but this year? This year I feel motionless and stuck on an ever turning wheel of blue and chambray which I can’t get off.

So instead of feeling confused I am trying not to focus too closely on trends and more on what you need for a successful spring and summer, the basics. My thoughts remain on keeping it simple with dresses for the most part but in order to not get bored I also know that I need some top and bottom combos to mix it all up. I think the mix will be 40% – 50% dresses and then 50% – 60% other options.

Spring needs;

  • Lighter jacket
  • V neck T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Light Chambray/shirt
  • Thin jumpers or cardigans
  • Blue or light wash denim jeans
  • Light weight work trousers
  • Harem Trousers
  • floaty skirt (preferably with a pattern!)
  • Light coloured shoes
  • Peep Toed Sandals
  • Slip on Trainers

What funniest thing? These needs are not all that different to my AW needs just lighter versions. Isn’t it strange how sometimes you can accidentally stumble upon yourself having a uniform? I am pretty sure what this and the whole years experiment is, how to find your basics! I do think and hope however that I will have a winter uniform and summer uniform.

Whereas in winter I think its important to have more structure in my outfits  in summer I want to have a little more fluidity. I wish to include long, looser layers, long necklaces and floaty skirts and tailored to the ankle work trousers or loose harem trousers.

This outfit is another transition look. Featuring a long top over skinny trousers it feels like a uniform outfit for me while mixing winter and spring together. I like the mix of structure with loose aspects and fitted ones and obviously getting to wear sandals again is the best bit! I bought these from Clarks several weeks ago when they had a sale on and I love them. They have just the right heel height that means you could probably wear them all day without difficulty which is the best thing in the world!

My dream heel ladies and gentlemen!

2 thoughts on “SS15 | Start with your needs.

  1. Beth says:

    I feel the same way about having to define my “look” again for SS15. I had it down pat for winter but now it’s time to reinvent! Coral and burnt orange are two of my favorite colors! I do hope we see some of that in spring/summer fashion. I love this outfit that you’ve put together. The pattern mixing of the stripes and the scarf is great and the shoes look fabulous (and sound comfy too). Looking forward to seeing more spring looks!

    xo Beth –


    • therealjlow says:

      Hi Beth, thanks for your reply! I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering what do I do now? Me too!! I just really want great colours! 🙂 Thanks this was one of those surprise outfit! certainly more to come! Theres even a little hint on the instagram bar! 🙂 Jess xo


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