The Capsule Wardrobe: A case for Leggings.

Cardigan: Next, Striped T: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Boots: George Asda, Umbrella: Zara

There is more articles on why not to wear leggings than probably any other fashion topic out there. The main reason for this? Because large quantities of women went through a terrible stage; wearing see-through leggings as pants/trousers.

And the girls of Maidstone? They love it.

Let me clear up something else I am not the worst offender although I have worn the odd shirt which isn’t quite perfect but this one above? Its not one of them. In Maidstone the girls who are guilty of the bad legging wearing are pretty shameless. They love their black leggings high waisted (and yes I know this for a fact) because they wear them with black crop tops and denim/leather jackets, true story.

So my case for leggings? Well its simple. Who wants to wear restrictive trousers/pants on your day off? Great for exercise and great for lounging, weekends are my leggings days and I love pairing them with long jumpers, T’s, shirts and Tunics and of course, boots.

I wore them an awful lot more when I was younger but I still have a soft spot for wearing them when I want a little more comfort or to go out on a long walk with Josh. Most peoples problem with leggings I believe is since they are so form fitting but just because people are uncomfortable doesn’t mean you should stop wearing what you want to. The key is to buy better quality thicker leggings which do protect your modesty.

What are your thoughts on leggings? A yes or a no?

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