Naughty Treats the Healthy Way

Homemade Nutella from Delicious Ella

Naughty treats the healthy way.

When me and Josh decided to try overhauling our appalling post university diets I knew one thing was for certain, if that food wasn’t fun and exciting? Well it just wasn’t going to get eaten and further than that it wouldn’t make our new way of eating, sustainable.

The Delicious Ella Cookbook UK/US

Bow to your cravings

Part of our health shift was that we didn’t want this to be a diet in anyway. This is our long term plan for life and because of this you have to think about how you will give yourself a small break occasionally and you’ll also have to work at making it interesting!

This week it was about working out how to snack, healthier. I am a natural grazer and with a sweet tooth to boot I needed to find a new outlet for these cravings especially while we cut down our sugar significantly!

Josh hard at work we and Ella suggest a food processor! Really, it’s worth it! (do as I say not as I do, right?)


Unfortunately we have guidelines to what we can eat, happily. As a confirmed IBS sufferer and Josh having some symptoms of the same thing there are certain foods I decided to stop eating full time and others which I would minimise because of their adverse effects.

Problem food:

Cow’s Milk, Soy Milk & Cream Milk has never been my favourite thing but more recently my reaction to Cows milk has been gradually becoming more severe. It does not however affect me as much in small doses and being used within other products but I am however trying to reduce all. I am hoping that it may give my body a bit of recovery time which has worked in the past to allow me the odd indulgence without undesirable after effects.Lactose free milk: Soy is also not a good option for me personally however I have found this Lactose free Milk to be a good friend.
Traditional Oils, predominately Olive Olive Oil and I are no longer friends. The fancier the restaurant and the worse you’ll find yourself when it comes to oil use! To reduce this we now only use % fat spray oil and Coconut oil.
Spreads and minimise butter use I’m not a fan of spreads, mainly because I heard as a child that margarine is one step away from being a plastic and that’s always made me question what goes into spread. On that note as well a good friend from work also told me that a nutritionist had told her to never buy low fat anything so here’s to everything in moderation!
Chilli and Spicy foods Oh Spicy food, nice until you’re not. I feel like this fun extra is now thrown in all foods in the UK and quite frankly I’m happy to see it go and try to get some real flavours again which don’t burn in the process.
Uncooked, Carrots, Tomatoes, Apples, Celery, Certain vegetables and fruits have problematic skins which cause to issues for those of us with sensitive stomachs. If you cook them however they seem to be ok so although carrot sticks and humus are out of the picture it’s not a going to limit your five a day!
Alcohol accept: Vodka, Gin, White Rum and Red Wine Clear spirits and I have an understanding but anything with colour is not so good. On that same note I have now found that red wine has the least effects than its white and rose counterparts but for all intents and purposes I am primarily, T-total.
Caffeine Decaf appears to be ok but again in moderation. I have also found that Nespresso is the only caffeinated coffee which doesn’t make me feel terrible! This is likely because its the only brand other than grinding your own beans which doesn’t add unnecessary sugars and syrups!
Take Aways: Including Pizza Hut and Dominos etc, Curry Pizza: In the UK it’s becoming increasingly hard to find food that isn’t laden in spices, chillies and oil. It’s gotten to the point where we are either limited to ‘safe’ restaurants or I have to suffer through margarita pizza again when all I really want is some chicken, creme fresh and spinach! Order from home Pizzas are also off the menu since they are often overly fattening and use large quantities of unnecessary oils (plain Pizza Hut pizza’s I can just about do but dominos etc are a no go! Curry: To minimise spice and milk/cream use I am working on a safe list for those days when all you want is a curry!Chinese: Again with the oil! It’s a tricky business that’s for sure! This is all about choosing the healthier options presented or ones that include your ‘safe’ food. Chow Mein is especially good.
Pre bought sauces: This is not a case of all sauces but there are a lot on the market which use high quantities of fat and more importantly for me milk and oil so it will really be a case of reading packaging thoroughly.
Soft Cheeses (bar blue because I love it too much) Includes everything from brie to soft cheddar. I seem to not be effected by light mozzarella and goats cheese however.
Red Meats Primarily Beef with emphasis on Mince. (we are currently trying out a Quorn substitute – great texture but about zero taste!)
Other Meats Turkey Mince, sausages, spanish meats and others which are high in fat. Most of these can be had occasionally and within moderation.
Fresh Fruit in moderation.  Again with the skins! Nectarines and apples primarily.

I feel like there are things I have missed here but the point is some food just isn’t going to like you no matter what you try. Part of this kick is about repairing our insides from all the being young damage that’s gone on over the years.

How does your tolerance affect your food?

The big one is milk. Straight up milk causes me the most problems but I never want to be complacent. I’m going to struggle to say no to Chocolate full time so instead everything is being reduced. Therefore this weekend we decided to switch up our normal naughty treats and try reducing our fat so say hello to frozen yoghurt and homemade nutella!

Now before you go anywhere near Ben and Jerry’s or out for Pink Berry, not all frozen yoghurt is created equally! In fact many of your favourite go to frozen yoghurts contain just as much sugar and even more additives than normal, good old fashioned Ice cream so beware of store bought Froyo! This Huffington Post article is a great starting point for getting a little more clued up!

However luckily with anything you love when you make it from scratch you can better control your portions and what goes into your treat! We actually used this recipe but we made the main focus on banana rather than using large quantities of Greek Yoghurt and we also swapped out regular milk for lactose free.

Blending up those semi frozen bananas!

Oh Peanut butter you little beaut! We love you! also when it comes to this don’t worry about ‘reduced fat’ I learnt the hard way with this and at work I now have one thats got sugar syrup in it? Gross! For this recipe do substitute! You don’t need all the sugar or regular milk/yoghurt! We used lactofree milk and next time I’ll use probiotic yoghurt! 

Small alterations make big differences

Expensive? yes but it makes all the difference, you need less it makes your house smell like coconut and even better? you can’t taste it! Its perfect!

Making small changes in everyday life makes massive, long term changes. From switching beef mince to Quorn we can now eat non spicy chilli (I know, I know what strangeness is this). While having lactose free milk means I can enjoy milkshakes, drink caffeine free coffee and bulk up smoothies! It’s all about finding a way around your problems and if I can do it, if Ella from Delicious Ella can do it than so can you! It can be a learning curve but it’s all the more exciting trying out so many new things and after all, a tidy, normal kitchen isn’t half as fun . . .

References and Resources

Great food resources for getting back to basics include,

Delicious Ella blog/ book,

Paleo god, Marks Daily Apple (Blog),

While for inspiring food on the go and gorgeous photography I love The Lovely Stars for every day inspiration.

In Text

The Sad, Sad truth about Frozen Yoghurt on Huffington Post

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Scarf: FatFace (in store sale), Tunic: Long Tall Sally, Sweater: Dorothy Perkins (2006!) Stacking Rings: Accessorize Z Collection – keep an eye out for a little post on this collection! I am absolutely in love!

Thick, goey goodness! More Nutty than chocolatey but all worth it for knowing whats gone into your snack! We are planning on adding this to our healthier froyo!

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Chocolate covered Katy

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