Making workwear work for those early Spring days

Coat: Next PLC, Black T: Zara, Necklace: Accessorize, Trousers: Zara, Brogues: Clarks, Bag: Zara, Scarf: Fat Face

Pain free work dressing.

Guys! Spring its really coming I can feel it! Plus for most of the week it was about 12 degrees and sunny which gave me the false impression that shorts could be sensible on the weekend (I was wrong) but still spring is on its way and so my winter capsule is of course showing the strain!

So I would like to introduce you to easy transitional dressing! In all honesty I got a bit ahead of myself the other weekend and I pulled out my heavier jumpers and leaving myself with the lighter half of my winter capsule and what was left was small, but oh so mighty.

Make transitional dressing easier;

  • Separate your heavier pieces to one half of your wardrobe keeping lighter pieces towards the front.
  • Make your outfits simpler, using either easy to wear separates or using cool, light layers
  • Introduce lighter colours into your outfits
  • Turn up sleeves and cuff trousers and jeans for a little light ankle relief!
  • Start pulling out your lighter scarves! These are excellent for keeping off the chill but allow you to wear your winter coat for that bit longer! (which is helpful for those early mornings and late nights where it still gets cold!)

In the last week I have worn primarily dresses with tights and these trousers as well as loose Tee’s and of course long necklaces. So what is the key to pain free and transitional work wear? Well simply put, its light layers such as these lighter trousers, flowing tops which give you room to breathe and thinner cardigans.

My favourites have also included my long burgundy jumper which is lovely and thin my various V-neck T-shirts and my jeans turned up into cuffs with flat ballet pumps. I have also stopped wearing my darker colours (bar black) and tried to keep as much of my outfit in the lighter tones. The real key to work wear is dressing for your environment however. For us we don’t have air con and being in a concrete, flat roofed office means our office is almost always hot so I always need layers for outside of work not in it, however others of you will be suffering with bitter aircon so always remember dress for your environment!

What do you find works for you when the season starts changing?

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