Reaching the end of the Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Sunglasses: Tatler 2013, Lemon Sweater: Primark, White Shirt: H&M, Ripped skinnies: Zara, Boots: Clarks

The End of the Capsule Wardrobe

the winter capsule anyhoo . . . 

I don’t know why but I am so over the winter capsule wardrobe! The Fall one was ace because towards the end of it I really got into the swing of it and had found some great new colour combinations but this one? Oh, I am so done!

Things like this acid yellow sweater and white shirt mix lighten my mood somewhat but I think what I’m really looking for in a bit of relief from my own good planning.

Caroline from Unfancy seems to have had similar thoughts although she hasn’t actively voiced them. She mentioned at the end of the fall capsule wardrobe that she didn’t want to do another colourful capsule, that it didn’t work for her but then at the end of the Winter capsule she mentioned needing colour again! This started me thinking about boredom with our clothes . . .

On one hand on a day to day basis I’m not too bored I just pick the same outfits out again and again but struggle when it comes to the question of, what haven’t I blogged yet? Which makes me wonder about the capsule wardrobe and those of us who dress to express ourselves rather than just cover up!

Clothes for me are far more than body cover but rather a small art form which can share my emotions with friends and strangers. At the moment I feel so optimistic about the better weather and about trips out and wedding planning that anything winter just doesn’t really fit?

What I want to be wearing is bright colours and easy to wear dresses which don’t recover ten thousand layers to keep you warm, I want to live in chambray and sunglasses and thats where the discontent comes in, how do we follow our whims when restricted by well thought out choices.

My capsule wardrobe works because its well planned, almost too planned but in the long run i have to ask, is this sustainable?

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