therealjlow | At Home and healthy changes

I have been seeing an awful lot about snow on Instagram over the last couple of weeks. Mainly my thoughts have been, please don’t snow in the UK, please don’t snow in the UK! But secondly my clothing brain has been thinking about being cuddled inside.

This last weekend was freezing and as I had been wearing the same three outfits on repeat last week I figured I would share my at home outfit for you inside. Its nothing fancy and nothing you guys wouldn’t already be wearing but I figured, why the hell not? This is me, at home in my comfies.

The look of a women petrified of you seeing a, the mess and b, the fact that we have resorted to having three layers of books/DVD’s on our bookcase. Its only gotten mildly out of hand . . .

Onto something mildly interesting? Me and Josh are on a small health kick. Let me start by saying this happens at this time every year! We do exercise and have done regularly since moving in together. On a real week we go running, swimming and cycling and now I even do Yoga. What changes however is how much we eat, and secondly how often we go out to exercise and February and March? They are the months when we realise we are chunkier than normal.

Obviously we have upped our exercise but another thing is we have done is changed our diet. I personally don’t believe in straight up diets as they tend to be unsustainable but instead in cutting down generally and minimising the bad foods that we tend to over lean on in the winter months.

Lots of carbs, sugar and pre packaged, easy to make food all has to go and in its place we have upper our fruit and veg game! This week we have tried a healthier pasta (with less pasta), Miso Soup, we made four meals out of one roast chicken (pasta, two sandwiches, miso soup and a chicken stock and vegetable soup with creme fresh) now if thats not impressive I don’t know what is!

I intend to document my yoga journey a lot more here and hopefully we can start to see some healthy changes in the up coming months!

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