Sunglasses | Traditional or funky?

Sunglasses: Accessorize, Dress: Monsoon, Cardigan: Next, Boots: Clarks

Josh doesn’t like my more fun sunglasses. Whereas I saw mirrored, clear frames with pink dipped ends that just screamed yes please wear me, Josh saw odd, crazy reflective lenses that didn’t flatter as much as my many tortoiseshell numbers that I own already. That however is the difference between last years sunglasses and this years; they are all designed to be a little bit more whimsical than flattering and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Don’t get me wrong I love great flattering shades. If I was going to a wedding or a fancy event I would wear more flattering shades in an instant. but going to the beach? Spending Saturday in town or going out for coffee? Then please hand me my funky shades instead!

Initially I really wanted pink frames but once I saw these barbie princess style shades? I was sold. Accessories really are a girls best friend and I love how they have the ability to completely transform an outfit with a simple piece of plastic.

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