AW Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Simplicity

Blazer: H&M, T-shirt: H&M Divided, Scarf: Monsoon, Jeans: Zara, Bag: Zara, Heels: New Look

I’d like to tell you all incredible things but quite frankly we are all too excited about going away to Paris tomorrow. I have tried writing multiple posts about spring and capsules but quite frankly all I want to talk about it walks around the city, the fact that we watched films about France all weekend and talk about eating Macaroons, frites and croissants.

So just as my writing, my outfit today is a simple one. Sometimes you can’t mess with jeans, a T-shirt and a nice pair of heels, classic and the perfect mix between smart and casual.

Now, who wants to talk about all the wine we are going to drink this week?

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