Capsule Wardrobe | Pinterest Challenge


The Capsule Wardrobe, Pinterest Challenge.

I’m going to introduce you to a little game I have started playing when getting dressed; it’s called the Pinterest challenge. Now yes I’m sure that this is already a thing but lets just, for the sake of my ego pretend that in actual fact I am a genius and that this is all my idea, kay?

So basically you find your favourite Pinterest outfit of the moment and you recreate it. Sounds simple enough right? And more than likely something you already do on the regular but here’s the kicker it has to be made by items already in your wardrobe, or in this case, your capsule wardrobe! You obviously get bonus points for the more difficult the outfit.

I’ve switched up the roll neck jumper for my triangular purple jumper and my fuzzy, faux fur scarf, and then obviously mixed it up with my favourite Downton Abbey hat! I am actually surprised by how well this turned out for me. Normally I think this jumper just draws attention to the fact that I am not all that tiny but I feel that with extensive leg on show that it actually doesn’t make me feel elephant sized! Anyway what do you think . . . are you up for the Pinterest challenge?

6 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe | Pinterest Challenge

    • therealjlow says:

      Hi Catia! Thank you for your thoughts.

      I think it does talk about this. After all my wardrobe is currently curated down to 40 items per season and the Pinterest Challenge only uses those 40 pieces. Both my shirt (stripes you can’t see too well) and jumper and Boots are all in this 40 piece limit. Past posts have spoken about initially downsizing my wardrobe.

      The Pinterest part is taking an image like the one above and recreating it with your current capsule items. For me it serves as an excellent boost for when you might feel like you’ve exhausted your options with your current Capsule Wardrobe and I think that is definitely a time when you get to challenge yourself to remix your clothes!

      thanks again!



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