Winter Capsule recap and the sustainable future

Knitter Headband: therealjlow | SHOP, Longline Jumper: Next, Acid Yellow top: Zara, Purple floral Tea Dress: H&M, Leggings: H&M, Brown riding boots: c/o Long Tall Sally

Winter Capsule | Recap, hows it going so far.

The second capsule is always easier.

The first capsule was all about trying to find my basics and about trying to find my style the second one however? Well that’s more about living with that style, finding a comfortable balance between work and casual and working on mixing up my wardrobe.

At this point I really don’t have any complaints, which lets be honest, is rare for me. I think its simplicity is something to do with being the second capsule of a season, whereas winter is easy I don’t think that SS15 will be.

Spring and Summer Capsule Plans 2015 

My plan is to mix both spring and summer together. With six months rather than three my wardrobe might of course be bigger. I am actually choosing not to focus too much on numbers but instead on having all the summer basics and creating a couple of cohesive themes that will take be across Spring and Summer without getting boring. But that’s really another post for another time.

 Thoughts on what I don’t wear and what are my real needs . . .

So far is there anything that I haven’t worn or don’t feel an affinity towards? Well strangely not really, I couldn’t pick out anything that really stands out as being unworn which again is unusual for me. I think the bigger surprises is really what do you feel like wearing. For example I need smart trousers, I need smart skirts for work but do I want to wear them everyday? No of course not! I think what’s really interesting to me, is I love comfort. I wear leggings as tights because tights hurt (for me) I like jeans with a lot of elastin not necessarily because they look better but because they feel better. Skirts with stretch will always be more appealing and boots always rub less. Saying that however, I’m not throwing out stiffer jeans, or dolly shoes because who knows, this time next year that might be all I want to wear.

Limits and the future of the Capsule and clothes 

If there’s ever a problem with capsules it’s the limit. We love them because they have a limit and then theres days when you think well what if I never grow tired of this pair of jeans? What if they never break (ha! Good luck) can I never buy another pair?

I am a firm believer that should I get to a place where my favourite things are beautiful and maybe a little more expensive which last longer than I don’t think I will throw them away for the sake of 40 items or tell myself I can’t have something new because they are still wearable but instead I will keep items that I love its more about controlling the pieces that come in and keeping my mind straight on the fact that if it comes in it as to be perfect, instantly wearable and have a degree of timelessness.

In alignment with my SS15 plans I think my end goal is to have a Autumn/Winter wardrobe and to have a Spring/Summer wardrobe. After all how really different are these seasons? And certainly with being on the second capsule I know that for spring and summer I really want to have an entirely different colour scheme, no to little darks, no rich colours but instead bright colours, pastels and big patterns. I think just in having drastically different colour schemes between the winter months and summer months may just be enough to keep clothes interesting, even with a small collection of them on hand.

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